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SUPER BOWL SUNDAY IN FEDERAL PRISON I sat around last Sunday (Super bowl Sunday) and tried to recall past Super bowl Sundays with my family and friends. The problem that I have with "special days" in prison is the flood of memories that can overwhelm me and cause me...


OUT OF FEDERAL PRISON A BIT EARLY? I can attest to the fact that once you reach prison, You are always hoping to find a way to get out, as soon as possible! In Federal Prison, where parole no longer exists, options for early release are quite limited. With good...

It’s Going to Be OK 

"Everything is going to be okay." In a visit with my Fiance', family and friends, a man stopped next to us. He was there visiting another inmate and felt this need to share these supporting words. It threw me off, being totally unexpected, he shared and went on his...

Interesting Times In Federal Prison Camp

Interesting Times In Federal Prison Camp

Well these are some interesting times in Federal Prison Camp! Well, it is 2017, the year I exit Federal Prison. There is some sort of psychological euphoria associated with being able to say " I get out of prison this year". I still do not know the date of my...

Why Do People Fail In Prison?

Why Do People Fail In Prison?

Why Do People Fail In Prison? On New Year's Eve I filmed a video about the uselessness of New Year's goals in prison. Further, I mentioned that I had yelled at a defendant who called me. That defendant, a lawyer who plead guilty to bank and mail fraud, is surrendering...

Into The Jungle In Federal Prison

The recent weeks have been filled with a series of unexpected events. It all started with my forced move from the RDAP Unit of Kansas over to the dark side- the general population housing unit of Nebraska.  As new RDAP enrollees transfer and surrender in, the bed...

First & Last

A bead of sweat drips from my forehead. I finish up a set of pushups and notice a man standing next to me. "Are you Jim?" he says. I am bit taken back at first. Wondering how he knows my name, and why he is approaching me in the middle of my workout, in prison. His...

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