Inside the Minds of White Collar Criminals

Inside the Minds of White Collar Criminals

Inside the Minds of White Collar Criminals What motivates a white collar felon to commit a crime? Good question, and one that Harvard Business School professor Eugene Soltes sets out to explore in his just published book, Why They Do It. Take a listen to this Market...

The Miracle Cure

Last week my bunkie, my limping, 62-year-old bunkie with the bum knee, threw down his cane and cried, "I've been cured." More or less. I was amazed, though not at the miracle of his recovery. Rather, what amazed me was that he decided to throw down his extra appendage...

Falling in Love

I'm falling in love. I can feel it. Falling deep into love. With Maryann. Beautiful Maryann. Each morning I wake up in a swoon, with a tingle in my fingertips and a stirring of my loins. Wake up to her smile, her kind words. What a beautiful day, she says, enjoy the...

Too Much Time in Federal Prison

July 22, 2015 Too Much Time in Federal Prison This morning I woke up, worked on my book, wrote in my diary, walked the track, practiced yoga, helped an inmate prepare a motion to expunge an old DUI, ate breakfast, read a magazine, practiced guitar, talked with my kids...

August 25, 2014 Other than hermit caves, the backwoods and old folks' homes, prisons are one of the last places in modern America completely cut off from cell phone and internet. Yes, we do have e-mail on a closed system circa 1988. And we have access to...

RDAP at Lompoc Prison Camp

August 1, 2014 RDAP at Lompoc Prison Camp My apologies for the delay since my last post: my life has taken a few twists and turns since I last wrote and, to be honest, I was just too overwhelmed for the past few weeks to keep up with my writing. Of most importance to...

Spirituality Behind Bars

June 30, 2014 Spirituality Behind Bars For most of my life I've considered "spirituality" to be a dirty word. I suppose you could call it my own little rebellion. My parents were ex-hippies, seekers and health-food nuts so once I became an adult I rebelled by focusing...

Learning the Ropes in Federal Prison

June 23, 2014 Learning the Ropes in Federal Prison Since I got here to federal prison camp I've been proud of my bunk-dismount technique, a swan dive from the upper rungs in which I catch myself, with grace and poise, on the steel locker opposite my bunk. It's a...

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