June 29, 2014

Arguments in Federal Prison

I see the silliest arguments in federal prison. More than once, I have seen people argue (almost to punches) over a TV channel. I saw two guys a week ago argue over the telephone about who was next. They argued for so long that one of the people could have already used the phone.

Matzo is a Jewish type of cracker. The Jews here are fortunate to have access to the Matzo. I love it. However, there are the Matzo wars. There are conservative Jews here, reform Jews (I’m reform) and Masonic Jews. Sometimes one group does not get the same amount of Matzo as the others, and I have seen major arguments over that.

The wildest argument was just yesterday and over the microwave. It was quasi broken, but all you had to do was bang on the side of it to get it going. Well, the people who live close to the microwave don’t really like it at 5AM when someone is banging on it. An upset person took the microwave and hid it under his bed. That was the wrong thing to do. The rest of the floor went ballistic and turned him into the camp administrator. Some prison advice follows: Don’t turn anyone into the camp administrator and do not hide microwaves under you bed. Justin prepared me well for this types of issues.

You know you are in for too long if you argue intensely over a TV, telephone, matzo, and a microwave. Arguments in federal prison can led to problems, like transfer to SHU, another prison, or loss of good time. Let’s maintain perspective, stay focused on our release, and what is truly important.

Andy Rothenberg


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