August 3, 2014 - Unassuming This journey has led to a lot of reflection and unique insight. Today an insight bubbled up and it was the first time I ever acknowledged it – I’ve been underestimated by others my whole life. For a host of varying reasons in different...

Birthday Party and Prison Thoughts

August 2, 2014 –Birthday Party and Prison Thoughts Today we celebrated my son’s 9th birthday. We had a lot of fun throwing a Minecraft themed party for him and six of his rambunctious friends. It really was a delight (although completely exhausting). However, I found...

Sleepless in Seattle

July 25, 2014 – Sleepless in Seattle Last night was difficult. Thankfully, there haven’t been many sleepless nights during this ordeal. But unfortunately last night was one of them. I tossed and turned all night because I knew that today, July 25, my friend and...

My name is Getty Andrew Rothenberg, and I am 40 years old. I grew up in Richmond, VA. I’m a graduate of University of Georgia, and a proud husband and father of two daughters. I built my career working as an entrepreneur in a number of industries. Several years into my career I make a bad decision on behalf of a trusted client. That decision led to a conviction for wire fraud and the short sentence I am serving at FCI Petersburg. Rather than blaming others for my mistakes, I want to make it clear that I own my decisions. As a consequences of my decisions, I am separated from my family, I harmed my reputation, and lost my freedom. I blame only myself. Through this journal I want to share some of the lessons I am learning while traversing a short, but extremely impactful, federal prison sentence. I intend to prove worthy of the support my friends and family continue to show me. I hope readers find value in my experience. I am an open book, so feel free to reach out with questions or comments. Lastly, I would like to thank my good friend, Justin Paperny, for offering me this forum to write about my experiences.
Sincerely, Getty Rothenberg #17656-084 FCI Petersburg PO Box 1000 Petersburg, VA 23804

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