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Upon retaining Justin Paperny as my prison consultant I immediately knew I had made the right choice. He prepared me for the road ahead and put together a plan for me to succeed after my release. With his help I have been able to change prison into a positive experience in my life. Not only does he work with you one on one but he will work with your loved ones as well. The comfort he was able to offer my mother was truly a blessing. Times like these can be very hard although with the help of Justin Paperny you too can make prison a productive, positive experience in your life

– Warren Schultz

I found Justin late one evening as I was searching the Internet for information on Federal Prison Camps. I had already hired a prison consultant to assist me with the process but I felt as though I was still missing something. I contacted Justin and he spoke with me for over an hour about a variety of issues that were troubling me. It was a breath of fresh air to talk with someone so knowledgeable and compassionate about my plight. I knew after the phone call that I had to find the resources to retain Justin. He has generated a plan to allow me to be productive inside Federal Prison Camp. More importantly, He has assisted me in developing a plan for my post prison life and the tasks I need to complete to reach my goals. Finally, he has eased my fears and the fears of my family as I tread through the Federal Justice System! All I can do is say Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

– Ken Flaska

Justin provides a tremendous resource to my clients by counseling them about the most difficult experience a person can face – preparing to be sentenced and going to jail. Justin’s unique background makes him a very compelling source of advice, counseling and comfort to my clients. He is also a pleasure to work with, very communicative and responsive, and treats my clients with decency and compassion.


– Mark Werksman, Criminal Defense Attorney and former Assistant United States Attorney and former Deputy District Attorney

Thank you, Justin. You are an amazing person and I am so grateful that you are a part of my son’s life & support system. The advice & tools you provided him for his incarceration were invaluable. As he stated, he went in so prepared because of you. You continue to be there supporting him.
I know the family would be in such a dark place about this situation IF it had not been for you & this site. A light now shines to help us find our way through the darkness.
I watched every one of your videos before he went in & they are excellent with tons of information. I learned so much that has been helpful.
We as a family are so blessed that we found you & this site. I can’t say thank you enough.
I highly recommend anyone facing these situations in their lives, to contact you. You definitely changed the situation for us. Wishing you the best of everything, always,
From a very grateful Mom,

– Linda

Just a shout out to any individuals, male or female, who might be wondering about the prison camp experience – in anticipation of my upcoming sentencing I searched the internet for any information I could find to help prepare me. I found Justin’s videos and immediately watched every one of them – finding all of them to be helpful to me and relatable to my future experience even though I will be going to a woman’s facility. He kindly shared his book with me via e-mail and I highly recommend talking to him as a precursor to reporting to any Federal Prison Camp.

– Teresa

You are fortunate that you found these videos! Go to Justin’s Website EtikaLLC.com and make that call to Justin Paperny Today…. The earlier you can speak with him the better to help yourself or a family member through these very trying times. His wisdom from being through the process will teach you how to help yourself. Thanks Justin! Good Luck to you the reader. Take Action you can change the outcome. Make that call Now!

– Fred Catalano

I was just sentenced to 60 months in a Federal Prison for a Marijuana Conspiracy and money laundering. I unfortunately found this brilliant man and website too late or I guess you can say at the right time, because it is very much helping me understand my and my family’s situation. Everything he says is very helpful and true because Justin has been through the same situation we are facing. He is talking truth when he says take ownership and responsibility for your actions, it will absolutely help you to be able to correct and clear up what mistakes you have made. And his knowledge will help you and explain to you what you are about to embark on, it is without a doubt very helpful and true! This is just the beginning of my new life, to start to make a change for my family and most of all for me! I am begin very honest when I say take in and really understand what it is that Justin is trying to say and teach to you. His videos with Walt from 500 Pearl Street are VERY helpful and insightful and I highly recommend watching them!

– Cris Rosenvinge

Justin, I just wanted to thank you so much for creating this content and focusing on helping other individuals that have been convicted of white collar crimes or whom are still in the process of dealing with the government. These are very insightful and answer a lot of questions or concerns that have given me anxiety. Its tough to find someone who can relate to your situation and who has been there, and can prepare you for whats to come, and also prepare you for a life after this is all over. Thanks so Much!

– Shayne Fowler

Working with Justin has been a wonderful experience. I was found guilty to wire fraud and almost lost my mind. I researched online looking for answers I felt my attorney was not providing me. I came across a variety of Prison Consultants and contacted a long list before deciding on Justin Paperny. His first hand experience and extensive knowledge really opened my eyes to what really mattered at this point in my legal battle. He provided a path to follow and very detailed one on one personal assistance that coached me through my process. I am still working with Justin as I have not yet made it to my sentencing but know with Justin by my side he will be an amazing support. The fact he has given me a plan gives me the needed structure to not only make it through this hard time but to come out a stronger and better person.

– Jim, Chicago, IL

The overall Federal prison experience is surprisingly very misunderstood, and poorly documented.While there have been hundreds of thousands of people that have served time behind the walls of the various locations of the Bureau of Prisons, remarkably, few of them are capable or willing to provide meaningful consultation. Justin Paperny offers a unique approach to prison counseling convicted felons as they embark on their challenging journey through the Federal prison system. Drawing from his own experiences and lessons learned, Justin has developed proven methods to mentor others as they prepare for their own treks. Justin’s proven system will not only help them survive, but can position them to capture some benefits to build on, from their own experiences. I know this first hand. I, like many other good people, made some dumb decisions, and wound up being a convicted felon. After months of research, I found Justin Paperny’s solutions to be most comprehensive and transparent. Justin helped me prepare and execute the following critical elements of my incarceration plans:

  • Developing Effective Communication Strategies for Family, Friends, and Business Colleagues
  • Self Surrender Checklists
  • Prioritized Lists of Commissary Purchases
  • Budgetary Discipline Strategies for Phone and Commissary Bank Accounts
  • Family Visit Watch Outs
  • Sustainable Physical Fitness Regimens
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Inmate Life
  • Personal Growth Strategies While Incarcerated
  • Post Incarceration Strategies

In addition, Justin facilitated a number of Q & A sessions with other clients. These sessions were invaluable in my planning efforts, and provided solid reference points for me and my family. Justin’s two books, ‘Lesson’s from Prison’, and ‘Ethics in Motion’ are must reads, as they provide case studies of many real life experiences. These real life stories provide a baseline for jumpstarting the required planning efforts to serve prison time with a purpose and with dignity. I highly recommend Justin Paperny’s consultation offerings to, not only those preparing to go to prison, but also to, attorney’s looking to enhance their client offerings, and concerned family members looking for ways to help their loved ones. 

– Steven Brazile, FMC Lexington, Inmate # 46068-424

I am a successful Ivy-league educated lawyer and, now, as a result of some stupid decisions, a white-collar criminal. Because of my background in law, I came into the process thinking that I knew the ropes and didn’t need the advice of a prison consultant. On a whim, however, after coming across the White Collar 101 series on Youtube, I contacted Justin and was incredibly impressed by his useful advice. In one brief phone call, he raised many important issues that my lawyer had never mentioned and I had never considered, issues that could greatly impact on the length of my prison term, which camp I am placed in, and the quality of my stay as an honored guest of the federal government. With that, I was convinced of the added value Justin brings to the table and hired him as my prison consultant.

Justin’s commitment and focus is unmatched. He has guided me through the entire process with his insider knowledge and experience. Not least, he has managed to keep my spirits up and my hope alive during this difficult time. With his support, I have developed a plan to approach prison proactively: to document my experience, to keep in touch with contacts and loved ones, and to prepare for my eventual release. In short, thanks to Justin, I enter prison with hope for the future and a solid plan to make that hope a reality. I would encourage anyone who finds himself in a position similar to mine to reach out and contact Justin. You will not be disappointed.

– Leigh Sprague, Columbia University School of Law, Class of ’99

I am pleased to have been a prison consulting client of Justin’s since December 2013. During our conversations together Justin has alleviated many of the mysteries I had about federal prison. Justin has proven to be dedicated, proficient and sensitive to my personal situation. Justin and I carefully reviewed all of my options with one goal in mind, and that is of a successful re entry into society. More than a consultation, I have learned lessons that will carry me throughout my life. I am convinced that Justin’s Consulting program will promote a successful prison term, a successful release and furthermore a positive life and career.

– Christian Ounanian

Thanks so much for your insight and inspiration. I am facing sentencing for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. I could never imagine me of all people being federally indicted and convicted of anything. Words can’t describe how miserable my life has been since my arrest and indictment. I am so happy I found out about you, Walt and guys that offer a first hand perspective on the federal criminal justice system and prison camps. Keep up the good work.

– Julius

Going to prison was something that never crossed my mind. However, after making mistakes and using poor judgment, I crossed over the line and entered the frightening world of the justice system. The 3-4 years leading up to my sentencing hearing have been brutal in all that goes thru the mind over this time and I believe will prove to be the hardest part of my sentence.
As a senior citizen, spending my “golden years” as a prisoner felt overwhelming. I had no clue as to what to expect. However, I feel blessed to have come across the information videos that Justin and Walt had prepared from their first hand experiences in federal prison camp. They also drew upon conversations they had with hundreds of other inmates and their experiences leading up to and going thru the prison experience. The information that they so generously made available seems to be very helpful. I will be much better prepared going in having a general idea of what my day to day life will be in all aspects of life in a prison camp and how to prepare to walk out of there at the end of my sentence. Being positive, having a purpose and knowing you have the support of others inside I will be living with, is very helpful. If my health holds up as a 70 year old, I am confident that I will have time to be back in the every day lives of my 6 kids and 8 grandchildren that are all under the age of 8. My mistakes will cost me 3-4 years of watching them grow, but with the help and direction that Justin and Walt provide, I am confident that I will be back in their lives as a stronger and wiser father, grandfather and husband.

– Rod

Justin Paperny is an amazing resource for my law firm’s criminal defense clients. As an author and consultant, Justin has helped many firm clients, facing an uncertain future, with strategic advice leading to reduced sentences. Besides being a top national consultant to individuals facing the risk of conviction and incarceration, Justin is an amazing speaker and motivator who has presented to my law students at Pepperdine University, receiving great acclaim. He is humble, hard-working, and intelligent, someone who has learned from his own life lessons and now advocates for others’ personal and ethical growth. Justin is a necessary and credible resource to anyone involved in the criminal justice system

– Dmitry Gorin, Criminal Defense Attorney; Former L.A. Deputy District Attorney; Adjunct Professor Pepperdine Law School

Justin has spoken several times in my accounting ethics classes, to both graduate and undergraduate accounting students, and we use his book, Ethics in Motion. He has important lessons to impart to the students, and the students really relate to him. His presentation style is very effective, and his stories bring the lessons to life. Virtually all of my students greatly valued Justin’s presentations and their discussions with him. For some of them I would even describe their experience with Justin as “life-changing.” 

– Kenneth A. Merchant, Deloitte & Touche LLP Chair of Accountancy, University of Southern California

Justin’s “Lessons From Prisons” presentation provided a sobering example of how the smallest ethical misstep can have devastating consequences. Justin’s story was a perfect fit for the annual Firm Element Training Program for our financial advisors.  

– Briana Hughes, Director of Compliance Examinations & Inquiries, Securities America, Inc.

Justin spoke to a conference with our top-50 finance leaders from around the world. His unique story pointed out the short-term and long-term realities of crossing the ethical line, emphasizing the importance of doing the right thing. This session, more than any other in our conference, sparked a great deal of discussion and reflection, benefiting each of our leaders.

 – Dan Doheny, CFO, Reyes Holdings

Your presentation on “Denial and the White Collar Offender” was excellent and received many favorable comments. The dedication and commitment that you bring to your work was clearly demonstrated. We look forward to having you participate in more Enrichment Nights at the FBI Academy.

 – Eric McCraw, Acting Unit Chief, FBI

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