April 11, 2014

Day 43 in Prison But Who is Counting?

I just got back from a run on the track, and then I walked for a while with one of my buddies. We talk about our time at FCI Petersburg, release dates, our pasts, and futures. We were discussing how ridiculous this place can be, and that if the public saw what we were doing, they wouldn’t believe it. My world here is pretty structured because I am on a mission. If I didn’t have goals to set, I could do a myriad of things that have no relation to my goals upon release. Admittedly, some times I engage in some mindless activities, but that is both an emotional release and way to unwind. I’m glad my prison consultant helped me create a plan that was structured.

People here can just hang out. If we wanted, we could get up whenever, go to the TV room (10 large flat screens on every floor), and watch everything from ESPN, CNN, CNBC, HBO, etc. We use the phone whenever and email whenever, workout whenever, and do whatever sport whenever except for golf. My tennis game has improved immensely as the courts are amazing. They almost have a tennis complex here. They have an indoor basketball gym. There is not even a fence here. It’s almost like home except you can’t see family and friends.  It’s ridiculous.  The people here for the most part should not be here because it is a waste of money. There are 90 year olds here that wouldn’t harm a flea. They have a lot of wheelchair people. What’s the point?

It’s so good here that (my friend was telling me this today on the track) one time a few years ago there was a man whose time was up. He said, “I’m not leaving.” He just refused to leave. They said you have to leave. He refused. So, they forced him in a van and sent him to the bus station. He had nowhere to go. They said you have to go somewhere. He eventually said D.C. When he got there, he was on the street living in shelters for a couple weeks with nowhere to go. So, one day he went into a bank and handed them a note. It said, “Give me your money.” They just said “NO”! So, he just sat down on a chair in the lobby and hung out till the police came.

Andy Rothenberg

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