May 29, 2014

Day 91 in Federal Prison

My friend (who has completed 10 years of a 12 year federal prison sentence) and I were talking today. He said that last year he went into town to see a ear, nose, and throat doctor for a visit (they couldn’t help him here).  While they were taking his height, blood pressure etc, he was looking at a room that was closed with the light on and saw two dark shadows going across the floor. He immediately thought ,”disgusting, there are big rats here.” It was really only the doctor’s feet walking around.

It’s amazing what his self conscience picks up after being in federal prison for so long. His way of thinking and his mind’s thoughts are programmed to an institution. This is what happens to people that have been in federal prison for a long time. They change. Their senses get warped. Most criminals do not think about the consequences when they commit their crime. Incarceration is not the only consequence. I am so so thankful I am in for only a short time. It’s time enough to shape up, refocus, get my priorities in line, and pick up the pieces and move on.

Andy Rothenberg


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