May 15, 2014

Eighty Days Down in Federal Prison

I’m almost 80 days in and obviously in full swing now. The days are going by much faster than in the beginning. I feel like this is a sign of me settling in. It seems like the shock has mellowed as the days go on. The one thing that has not changed and has gotten harder as the days pass is missing my family. It’s real hard on me.

I feel like I know pretty much know all of the 340 people here. I respect them all and get along with them well. I learn from them as they all offer different perspectives. The people are funny. I don’t know why they watch cops all the time. They root for the cops. It’s weird. I saw a fight with two guys in wheelchairs where each took a foot rest off and used them as swords. I heard a guy at the medium security facility tried to hang himself from the 4th floor and made the rope too long, so all he got was a broken ankle. I guess this is par for the course in prison.

I’m learning, I’m growing and I’m maturing.

Andy Rothenberg



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