April 29, 2014

Still here in Federal Prison. Time is moving though.

Today was a rainy day here at the camp. We’ve all heard the news of the LA Clippers owners’s sanctions due to his racist comments. The NBA took a strong stance which hopefully will deter any other issues like this one going forward.  This, along with the news of the last few weeks regarding Eric Holder’s 2 level sentence reduction for drug offenders has been the talk of “inmate.com”, the local coconut telegraph. What if this happens? What if that happens? This person is good. That person is bad. The truth is, no one around here truly knows the details. They are all critics and think they know everything about everything.

Assume: to think that something is true without or probably true without knowing that it is true.

ASS U ME: Assumption makes an ASS out of yoU and ME

While the Sterling matter is pretty cut and dry, no one here really knows if this 2 level sentence reduction will happen. The critics and experts talk all day as if they do. I think a lot, more than I should, about those that are critical of me. As in life, critics think they have it all figured out. Some critics lead such boring lives (like some prisoners) that they have to have something to talk about. They are prisoners to their own head. They go home to their house (prison) every night and criticize people they are jealous about. It may be a person who is steadily rising to the top, and they try to knock them down, or they have seen someone at the top get knocked down, and they try to bury them. All they want to do is take their mind off their own at home (their prison) issues. Because they don’t have a positive environment at home, where they live in the moment with their family, they temporarily flee reality just as a prisoner wants to flee prison.

Being a prisoner can be tough anyway you cut it. I’ve seen both sides of it, and I know I never want to be one again. It’s not healthy. And I want to ensure I am never—and perhaps some readers of this blog that I have been—one of those people who lives to criticize, condemn or complain about others. Jealousy, envy and other life sucking emotions should have no place in my life moving forward. I have more time to serve, but with that, much more to learn about myself and what this whole experience means to my family and me.

Andy Rothenberg

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