June 24, 2014

Getting closer to the Halfway House.

When I get released (waiting for official date now. My target is mid-September) I will go to a halfway house for a couple weeks. At the halfway house, I will be able to leave every day and go to work and be able to go home on weekends. It will be nice to go to my office every day and get back to the swing of things. After a couple weeks in the halfway house, I am able to go home for good (wow!).

I am not sure what the outside world will feel like as I will have been away from it for almost 7 months. I think that there will be a certain amount of acclamation that I will go through (I will report as I am going through it). As much as I feel like I am improving in here, I just want to make sure that transfers to the halfway house, and to my term of supervised release or probation. I have been very conscious of that since I’ve been here. I have been goal driven here, but it’s different than being goal driven in business. In here, I have personal goals and milestones. In the outside, I have projects that I can see develop and get rewarded that way. In my business, I can touch and feel (in a way) my progress and in here I really can’t (unless I was to gain gratification my touching my muscles or brain). Being in here has made me focus on the inside of me. While I will be still continuing to grow the inside of me mentally and physically, I now have another challenge…focus!

Focusing on the here and now has really been a theme of mine while in here. Focusing on my past and worrying about the future, would have done me no good in here. My next challenge will be to continue to focus on my future.

Andy Rothenberg

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