June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Dad!

I give a big shout out to my dad today as he passed away almost 3 years ago. Today would have been his 66th birthday. Happy birthday Dad!

I’m down the home stretch now. I am 121 days in and have 79 days to go. I came in weighing 203 and weigh 187 now. When I get home, I probably will lose a few more pounds eating proper food. I am pretty excited where I’m at right now.

I’m not one of these people who came to prison and have some religious transformation. I’m just as religious now as I was 5 years ago and so on. However, I did pick up in the library the english version of the Torah and read it. It’s 400 pages and actually a good read for anyone no matter what religion you are.

It’s gotten hot here at FCI Petersburg which makes landscaping tough. After all they do pay me 12c an hour. That’s enough to make anyone hustle right? The prices in our commissary are normal like the outside, however, we only get paid 12c an hr. When people say how much they make, they say $56 or $27. They mean per month. You learn the value of money real quick in here.

Tough groundhog week. Only trapped 6. This is in part because be are making progress in getting them off site and also in part because it is so hot here. We pretty much have to trap one the same day as we set the traps. If not, they will sit in the trap overnight and die from the heat. After all, our goal is to trap and move, not kill.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Andy Rothenberg

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