Parenting From Prison

  August 4, 2014 Parenting From Prison It is tough enough to be a good parent when you are on the outside, but when you are parenting from prison, it can begin to feel impossible. You will no longer be able to parent as you are used to, or as you had hoped to,...

Telling the Kids You’re Going to Prison

July 2, 2014 Telling the Kids You’re Going to Prison When a parent goes to prison, it can be very difficult for the children involved. And for the person who’s been convicted of a crime, telling the kids can be even harder than dealing with the prison sentence. Don’t...

What Prison Taught Me About Minimalism

What do your possessions say about you? How important are they to your identity? What can you do without? What would you fight to protect? Let’s think about these ideas. Do Your Possessions Define You? Everyone owns possessions. Some of us have more than others. Some...

The Girls Guide to Federal Prison Camp

  The Girls Guide to Federal Prison Camp: Prior to leaving for prison I was scared and frightened of the unknown.  I searched the internet for information about federal prison camps for women,  but did not find very much.  While in prison, my friend, Marilyn, and...

Things Fall Apart

April 17, 2014 My book, Things Fall Apart, will be published in the next few weeks. For a few reasons, I do not have an acknowledgement page. But, if I did have one, I would have thanked Justin Paperny for helping me to hold my head up high when I never thought I...

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