April 23, 3014

Just Another Day in Prison:

I don’t know if I mentioned that I am on the landscaping crew now. We cut the grass around the low, medium and the camp. It’s great actually and much better than the chow hall. At home we have a yard person and have had one pretty much the last 15 years. It’s great weed whacking, mowing, trimming, mulching, etc. I’m outside and due to my home confinement when I get out, I look forward to getting out in my yard and use my expertise and make it the best yard on the street.

One other thing we do is go ground hogging. There are so many ground hogs all over here. There are scores of deep holes with tunnels. The holes damage work trucks that are going through the fields and one could easily twist an ankle quickly playing sports in the fields. Just last weekend, 2 guys went to the infirmary after twisting their ankle in football and Frisbee golf.

We get the ground hogs in one of two ways. We trap them and then move the ground hog to another field adjacent to the facility. Another way is using a huge water tank, flush water down one hole until the water floods and the ground hog goes to the other end of the tunnel, pokes his head out, then we hit him with a baseball bat. I prefer the trapping method. I am in charge of trapping as it is humane, and I think the animals are really cute and loveable. There are a group of ground hogs in the garden of the camp that will eat apple slices out of my hand.

This Petersburg ground hog infestation is crazy. When I made an airport run (picking up employee) last week and stopped off at a nearby gas station and was looking at the field next door, I saw two females with 7 and 9 baby ground hogs following. They were adorable.

Today though, I had an injury. Setting a trap (apples are their food of choice), I sliced my arm pretty bad. I had to rush to the Doctor and get it cleaned up. Tomorrow I will be back at it, trapping that is. Just another day in prison.

Andy Rothenberg


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