imagesMay 17, 2014

Loving Landscaping in Federal Prison at FCI Petersburg

I’ve talked about adapting before. I am continuing to adapt to different things every single day of this journey. Some things come natural and others don’t. Some things are good, some are not. An example of my good adaptation is that I have gained a new compassion towards people. If a person is snappy, instead of calling them a bad name, I am completely compassionate about the stress of many issues they are having. It’s rough for them. Somedays this is rough for me. I get it. An example of a bad adaptation is using the various lingo’s people use in here. I catch myself all the time.

I often find myself stressed because I try and control things on the outside (I am getting better). Some days I am obsessing over one thing then another and another. I’m juggling 3 things in my head that I am trying to accomplish and can’t get my mind off them. I’m stressed about all three that I cannot control. Then, someone is rude to me etc. I would normally take all my frustrations out on them because that is the one thing I can control. Now, I take a deep breath and usually a few deep breaths and calm down and approach this situation properly. In prison, I am almost forced to approach stresses properly. If I don’t, I will most likely be beaten up.

My adaptation is not just adapting to the living space, the food etc, It’s adapting mentally. What I leave here with, is what I have when I get out. That’s one reason I work so hard in my job. I obviously have the option to not do piddle in my landscape job, but I choose to work my butt off. I have to. I’m afraid if I’m lazy here, I will be lazy when I get out.

Andy Rothenberg


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