May 9, 2014

No Money in Prison

Some of the inspirations of my journals come from conversations with other inmates. At landscaping yesterday, I was talking with another inmate who has been down for 9 years (that’s 9 years of soul searching). He asked an interesting question. When a person’s situation changes, can he or she adjust to it. I was wondering what he was talking about. Situation? Living situation? Being away from home? What he was talking about was financial situation.

He made a good point. When a wealthy person who can’t adjust, loses all his money, he may not be able to handle it. We often see weak people who lost it all committing suicide or doing something drastic out of shame and embarrassment. On the flip side, when a person with no money can’t adjust, they get a few million dollars (out of the blue) spend it all quickly and then are left with no money.

One common theme here is no money. It is a shame, but if you let it, money will control every facet of your life. It takes your life out of perspective. The important things like family are secondary. Prison has immensely adjusted the way I think about what is truly important to me.

Andy Rothenberg


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