May 4, 2014

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to eat healthy food here. I am used to eating organic food from Whole Foods, and this is obviously no where close. I can’t drink smoothies, healthy bars, clean, healthy greens, organic steaks etc. I am reduced to eating old greens bought by the bulk, old chicken (when they serve it), horrible hamburgers, cream cheese muffins, terrible apples and bananas that are frozen. My workout regiment is harder than it ever has been, but it is real tough to shed the pounds. My normal weight is 190, but I weighed 203 coming in (I did not workout the last 6 months due to massive stress and depression). So, my goal coming in was to get to 180. I figured without the alcohol, I could get there. It has been harder than I thought. I could not eat the first two weeks I came in. The only things I could get down were sweets. Milky Ways led to zebra cakes and so on. Even working out hard, I got to 206.

So, something needed to change. I started to eat brown rice and Chicken of the sea fish everyday. I either each, mackerel, tuna, or sardines with it (I only like the tuna, but once I got used to the others, they are okay). I am looking at 140 calories for the rice and 100 calories for the fish. I started eating small meals of this 4 times a day. This along with fruit and veggies from the chow hall has helped a lot. I now weigh around 193.

As I wrote about when I first came in, I realized the old Andy just was not going to work. I have pushed hard to turn myself around in a lot of ways. It is tough blocking out the last 16 years (and still tough), but I constantly am reminding myself to forget the past (because there is nothing I can do about it), and only focus on the future.

Andy Rothenberg


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