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Do You Know The Best Federal Prison To Pick and The Best Day To Surrender?

“What prison should we pick,” I asked my lawyer after I was sentenced to 18-months in prison.

“Whatever, doesn’t matter, they are all the same, pretty boring. Let’s choose Lompoc,” he said, after hearing my sentence.

I had great lawyers who helped take my sentence from 60-months to 18-months, but there was nothing more agitating than realizing they did not have the skillset to be selecting prisons. It was only by luck that I was designated to Taft Camp after I learned that my co-conspirator was designated to Lompoc.

What have I learned as the #1 coach on prison preparations?

A lot of things, but one is the prison you choose has a measurable and lasting impact on your life.

Do you know the differences between a 1 star and 5 star hotel? Yes, the gap between certain prisons is that wide.

“What day should I surrender, I mean, does it matter?” I asked my lawyer after getting hit with 18-months.

“No, doesn’t matter, let’s just pick April 28, 2008, about 8 weeks from now,” he said, not knowing anything about prison capacity or best days to surrender to get more time off.

“Um, okay,” was all I said. How was I to know any better?


Our Sentencing Tool Provides The Solution!

Specifically, our tool helps you:

Serve up to 6 fewer days by learning the best date to surrender to prison

Pick the best location to serve your time & get exact distance to each prison from your current zip code

Learn the current population for any BOP facility

Learn the current capacity for any BOP facility

Get immediate access to your release date

Get immediate access to your number of “good behavior days” & get immediate access to the date you’re eligible for home confinement

Let’s Discuss The $99 Investment.

If you are thinking $99 is way to cheap, then you are right. But there are reasons associated with this price.

1- Going to prison is expensive! I have been there. Even though the cost to develop our products, website and so on is well into the six figures (not including the time I had to serve in prison mastering my skills), we want to make this tool available to all who needs it.

2- I tested it…I asked more than 100 past and former clients what investment amount would have been a no brainer for them. Some said thousands would be fair for the value, but the consensus was $99 seemed to work the best.

3- We have bills too! While we proudly give away books, videos, podcasts and more there is only so much we can do. Plus, we want to work with those who are serious about making a very modest investment in their future.

How long will it take to get access to this tool?

Immediate. Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provided.

100% Money-Back No Questions Asked Guarantee

We’re ready to prove everything we claim. If our Sentencing Calculator does not live up to all the claims stated here, I’ll insist you ask for your money back.
100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Get The Sentencing Calculator Now For Only $99



Justin Paperny
Director, White Collar Advice

P.S. For those that act now, you will be given access to the Sentencing Calculator for 90 days, instead of 30 as originally planned. Just click the link above to get access NOW.

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