July 4, 2014

Teaching From Federal Prison

People, understandably so, get nervous about the job market when they get out of prison. I hear people ask each other what are they going to do. The advice I give them is to start their own business. That is a scary thing for people to think about.

I am teaching a class in Entrepreneurship. I tell these people to pick up a lawnmower and go door to door. Your barrier to entry is a lawnmower. Get as many yards in a day as you can 7 days a week and SAVE THAT MONEY. Then get some hedging equipment or whatever the majority of your yards call for. You keep building up your services until you get monthly accounts and can afford to hire people to work for you.

Start a car detailing company. It’s the same principle as landscaping. Your start up is affordable and you again control your own destiny.

I then go through the process of starting up an LLC.

I feel that a lot of my students get it. With a little confidence, I think some will grab that bull by the horns.

Justin gave me some prison advice and told me teaching should be a part of my prison term. I really love teaching from Federal Prison! Never thought I would say that.

Andy Rothenberg

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