June 17, 2014

Writing again from Federal Prison.

I am over 112 days in and still trucking along. As it stands now, I should have about 93 days left. I’m thrilled to be on the other side of halfway. I’d like to say the first 110 days went fast, but it did not. However they have progressively gone by faster than the previous day. I was reading an amazing book the other day, Man’s Search for Meaningabout a psychologist who went through the nazi concentration camp system and luckily was spared. As part of Justin’s prison advice to me he had suggested I read the book. Victor Frankl, the author, said as he went down his journey, his days went slow, but his weeks went fast. I am not by any means comparing what I am going through to that incredible man. My struggle in no way compares to his. I am simply drawing a parallel that my weeks do go by faster than my days.

Some of my readers may have noticed that I have not written for nearly two weeks. I continue to stay productive, however. I am reading, exercising, and doing the best I can to stay connected to family and friends. I have not done a great job managing my phone minutes this month. July cannot get here fast enough.

I look forward to writing more regularly as we advance into these summer months. Again I would like to thank everyone who continues to believe in and support my efforts to leave FCI Petersburg better than when I came in.

Andy Rothenberg

Viktor Frankl

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