Before Prison

Before Prison:

If you’ve invested tens of thousands in a criminal defense attorney, then why are you still struggling through sleepless nights and high anxieties? Why are you tormented with concerns about how your life will change? Is it because you feel as if you’re having an out-of-body experience, with others pulling levers and strings that will dictate the coming years of your life? If that is the case then Etika can help.

To begin feeling better and truly preparing defendants in a criminal case must understand all the options available. Our experience at Etika has taught us that too many defendants come into the system without a full appreciation for the cynicism and severity associated with every step in the process.

Once you believe that you could become a target of a criminal investigation, you should seek guidance from a lawyer—should you need a referral we would be happy to offer one.

At the same time, defendants would serve themselves best by learning from those who have experience with every part of the system. These lessons would help an individual understand how decisions early in the process could influence outcomes that may not reveal themselves until years later. Although defendants do not have the power to reverse prior decisions that led to a criminal conviction and sentencing, there are actions you could take in advance of sentencing that might mitigate the sentenced imposed.

Likewise, the defendant can behave in ways that could exacerbate the sentence. Our advice is that defendants can serve their interests best by taking proactive steps to improve their outcome. Our programs and products can help. Together our before prison curriculum and training covers:

  • What to do when the FBI shows up
  • The seriousness of the situation (Federal Sentencing Guidelines)
  • Retaining a lawyer—call us for a referral
  • Overcoming the dread of the investigation—from surreal to real
  • Getting a public defender
  • Guilty plea
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Cooperation
  • Residential Drug Abuse Program
  • Proffers
  • Volunteer work
  • Going to trial
  • Pre-sentence investigation
  • Proper letters of support, with examples and templates
  • Sentencing mitigation
  • Sentencing day
  • Preparing to surrender
  • Managing employment issues
  • Cultivating, nurturing and maintaining your family and support network

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