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The federal government has enhanced efforts to prosecute white-collar crimes. Despite the heavy penalties executives and employers face when the government brings charges for wire fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, bribery, and securities violations, few who work as professionals understand how their actions can lead to imprisonment or seven-figure costs.

Ethics in Motion profiles individuals who once led lives of distinction as professionals in the business community. Despite their erstwhile perceptions of being morally upstanding citizens, they fudged on government forms; they participated in bribery or corruption schemes; they used the mail, the telephone, or the Internet to convey information that would mislead.

Whereas they wanted to believe their actions did not represent more than indiscretions, their stories showed how such indiscretions derailed the promise of their lives.

Their profiles showed how easily bad decisions could lead a person into our nation’s growing population of felons.

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In Lessons From Prison, Justin offers readers his story and prison advice, describing how serving a federal prison sentence led him to recalibrate his life. His story humanizes the importance of ethics.

Those in corporate America as well academia will find Justin’s honesty a useful resource. Likewise, those struggling with legal complications may rely upon Justin’s chronicles as a guide that will not only lead them through the labyrinth of the criminal justice system, and provide prison advice but help them emerge stronger.

Whether our country was struggling through economic crisis, or citizens were enjoying times of prosperity, moral dilemmas were a constant. Justin Paperny, a former stockbroker, describes the low road.

When confronted with the choice of abiding by ethical principles or protecting commissions generated by a Ponzi Scheme, Justin abused his discretion.

He broke the law and went to Federal Prison. Justin had been a child of privilege, growing up in Encino, a Jewish enclave near Los Angeles. As a student-athlete, he had been reared with self-discipline, integrity, and a sense of honor.

Those values carried him through prep school and the University of Southern California. Upon graduating, however, Justin succumbed to temptations, sacrificing virtues for greed.

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