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“Justin Paperny is an amazing resource for my law firm’s criminal defense clients. As an author and consultant, Justin has helped many firm clients, facing an uncertain future, with strategic advice leading to reduced sentences. Besides being a top national consultant to individuals facing the risk of conviction and incarceration, Justin is an amazing speaker and motivator who has presented to my law students at Pepperdine University, receiving great acclaim. He is humble, hard-working, and intelligent, someone who has learned from his own life lessons and now advocates for others’ personal and ethical growth. Justin is a necessary and credible resource to anyone involved in the criminal justice system.

Dmitry Gorin, Criminal Defense Attorney; Former L.A. Deputy District Attorney; Adjunct Professor Pepperdine Law School”

I aspire to help individuals navigate their way through troubles with the criminal justice system. Since 2008, I have worked with scores of defendants, helping them prepare both for the life altering experience of federal prison, and the ancillary consequences that follow a criminal conviction.

For clarity, I am not a lawyer and I would never presume to disperse legal advice. Lawyers have an essential role in our system that cannot be displaced. Before doing anything else hire a competent, experienced lawyer. If you are in a need of a referral, I can help.  While I cannot dispense legal advice, defense attorneys don’t have the knowledge or experience to discuss the intricacies of prison life.  Plus, the anxieties that precede confinement can feel paralyzing. I know. Consulting with an expert who has gone through every aspect of the prison system is one way to prepare for the journey, and I really recommend it.  Reading about prison can help, but there’s no substitute for the wisdom that can come through conversation.  If you were going to climb Mt. Everest, would you want to read about the journey or talk with someone who conquered it? Seek guidance from a prison consultant.

Some of the topics we will cover, include:

  • Pre-Sentence Interview and Pre-Sentence Report which is the bible in the prison system. Failure to prepare for this interview can lead to irreversible consequences
  • Benefits that follow cooperating. I cooperated with both the Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission. My guidelines called for a sentence of more than 5 years yet I received only 18-months, even after the government recommended 2 years at sentencing. My cooperation convinced the SEC to waive the $350,000 in fines and penalties I agreed to pay.
  • Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) which can reduce a prisoner’s sentence by up to 24 months – 12 months in prison and 12 months in a community confinement or halfway house
  • Second Chance Act, Financial Responsibility Program aka FRP- for those who have restitution or fines
  • Work furloughs, education, halfway house placement, and home confinement
  • Preparations for your guilty plea and sentencing
  • Help and support with letters to the court prior to sentencing
  • Visiting, phones, commissary, bunks, showers, toilets, jobs, call outs
  • Self surrender vs. remanded to custody
  • The underground economy or prison hustle
  • Disciplinary process
  • Con Air and the prisoner transport
  • Religious issues and meals
  • Health services and education
  • Probation or supervised release

Frankly, writing about all of the benefits of hiring a qualified prison consultant would take volumes of literature, much more space than this brief post can provide. At the least, I recommended reading watching my YouTube Videos and reading my book, Lessons From Prison, which you can get for free by clicking this link

Lastly, you are also welcome to schedule a complimentary training call, which is not a salespitch in disguise. 

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