Before Prison

Those who anticipate that they could become defendants in a criminal case could serve themselves best by understanding the options available, and the ramifications that would follow the choices they made and obtain the prison advice they need. From my experience, I am convinced that too many defendants come into the system without a full appreciation for the cynicism and severity associated with every step in the process.

Once an individual has reason to believe that they could become a target of a criminal investigation, he should seek guidance from counsel. At the same time, defendants would serve themselves best by learning from someone like me who has been through the gauntlet of justice. That means personal experience with every part of the system, including the items listed below.
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Surrendering to federal prison, I know, can bring worry and concern to the prisoner and to family members. My speaking to Walt Pavlo truly prepared me for the process.

Since he had gone through it, I found real value learning from him. I valued my criminal defense attorneys, but when I asked them what prison was like, including the first day, living conditions, visiting, blogging, and just life in general, they could not answer in a way that could prepare me.
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Post Prison

Any person who will release from prison can learn from the questionable survival strategy of the ostrich. It is said that when confronted with danger, an ostrich buries its head in the sand, mistakenly believing that if it blinds itself to danger, the danger will pass it by.

My clients do not live with their heads buried in the sand. Instead, they know all the dangers that await their release. Failure to understand complexities of the halfway house, home confinement and supervised release make’s one vulnerable to further troubles with the law.
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Speaking Topics

Etika LLC creates comprehensive compliance and ethics programs for businesses, universities, professional societies, and law enforcement for the following types of presentations:

  • Business ethics & compliance training
  • Professional development, including new hire and intern training
  • White-Collar crime education
  • Leadership training

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