The Trial Penalty

October 15, 2014 The Trial Penalty There's a recent (or soon-to-be-published) article in a Forbes magazine regarding the "trial penalty" that I wanted to write about. We can define the trial penalty as harsher sentences for those who fight federal charges by taking it...

A Minority in the White Collar Circle

October 5, 2014 A Minority in the White Collar Circle Let's start with the numbers first. Here at Herlong there are about 120 inmates at the camp. Of that, I'd guess approximately a dozen of us are in here for white collar crimes. I'm the only insider trading guy but...

Surrendered to Herlong Federal Prison Camp

September 20, 2014 Surrendered to Herlong Federal Prison Camp This is my first entry since I surrendered to Herlong Federal Prison Camp. Since my last post, I have a new title -- inmate. As I've written before I am serving my sentence at Herlong Federal Prison Camp...

Self-surrender to Federal Prison

September 12, 2014 Self-surrender to Federal Prison I'm days away from the big moment -- having to self-surrender to federal prison. Thanks to people like Justin Paperny, I've been able to mentally prepare as much as possible. For the most part I know what to expect...

Federal Prison or Reality TV Show?

August 24, 2014 Federal Prison or Reality TV Show? I've recently created an expectation list that I wanted to share: You will be sent to a compound in a remote area to live away from society You will be gone for a significant amount of time You will not be allowed to...

Being Sentenced to Federal Prison

August 11, 2014 – Being Sentenced to Federal Prison “Let me guess, you’re here for US Marshall training?” inquired the elderly security guard at the metal detector entrance of the federal courthouse. Oh, the irony. I hesitated for a moment deciding how to respond to...

My name is Getty Andrew Rothenberg, and I am 40 years old. I grew up in Richmond, VA. I’m a graduate of University of Georgia, and a proud husband and father of two daughters. I built my career working as an entrepreneur in a number of industries. Several years into my career I make a bad decision on behalf of a trusted client. That decision led to a conviction for wire fraud and the short sentence I am serving at FCI Petersburg. Rather than blaming others for my mistakes, I want to make it clear that I own my decisions. As a consequences of my decisions, I am separated from my family, I harmed my reputation, and lost my freedom. I blame only myself. Through this journal I want to share some of the lessons I am learning while traversing a short, but extremely impactful, federal prison sentence. I intend to prove worthy of the support my friends and family continue to show me. I hope readers find value in my experience. I am an open book, so feel free to reach out with questions or comments. Lastly, I would like to thank my good friend, Justin Paperny, for offering me this forum to write about my experiences.
Sincerely, Getty Rothenberg #17656-084 FCI Petersburg PO Box 1000 Petersburg, VA 23804

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