Greetings From Oklahoma City!

Greetings from Oklahoma City! September 16, 2017 It has been a little over a month since I testified in Austin and I have only made it back to Oklahoma! I am writing this from the Bureau of Prisons transfer center at the Oklahoma City airport. This is the first BOP...

Next Phase Of The Journey

Next phase of the journey August 15, 2017 I think I’m done. I hope I am; with testifying, with ArthroCare, with reliving the past. I also thought I was done last time, in 2014. But I wasn’t. So instead of relieved, I am mostly ambivalent. I wasn’t...

Accepting What Is From Federal Prison

Accepting what is. August 1, 2017 Probably the most significant development since I last wrote is that, after 10 days I finally gave up trying to move cells and just accepted that my entire stay here will be in the “psycho ward”. A few days ago, I was walking back...
Non Residential Drug Abuse Program

Non Residential Drug Abuse Program

Non Residential Drug Abuse Program: Spend a little less time in federal prison? If you are reading this blog, you may be coming to Federal prison or you may have a loved one in Federal prison. Once an individual enters federal prison, his focus shifts to when he or...

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