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Federal Prison Advice Courses



Preparing for Sentencing

Our 6 Sentencing Narratives Templates will teach you how to:
  • Truly identify with your victims
  • Express your remorse
  • Show what you learned from this experience
  • Show what steps you are taking to make things right
  • Offer actionable, thoughtful plan that shows how you will emerge successfully
  • Help your readers understand and empathize with you as an individual, rather than as criminal
  • Bonus: Our new course on how to collect incredible character reference letters. We share examples & templates that anyone can follow! 

Blueprint Training Program

The Blueprint Training Program features a series of online courses that includes:
  • Private Coaching to keep you on track and moving forward.
  • Easy to follow course on every aspect of the Prison System, including the PSR, Life in Prison, Halfway House & Probation.
  • Exclusive, never before published "How To" videos on RDAP, Restitution, Prison Life, Growing a Business From Prison & more.
  • Monthly webinars to get your most burning questions answered.
  • Sentencing tool that helps you pick your prison and get up to an extra 6 days off your prison term.
  • Easy to follow case studies that show new ways to implement the strategies we teach. And much, much more!



Professional (Law Firms)




Sentencing Calculator 

The Federal Prison Sentencing Calculator will show you how to:
  • Serve up to 6 fewer days by learning the best date to surrender to prison.
  • Pick the best location to serve your time.
  • Learn the current population for any BOP facility.
  • Learn the current capacity for any BOP facility.
  • Get immediate access to your release date.
  • Get immediate access to the date you’re eligible for home confinement.
  • Get immediate access to your number of “good behavior days”.
  • Get exact distance to each prison from your current zip code.
  • Professional Calculator $197 a month or $30 a month.

Federal Prison Advice Blogs

Avoid this federal prison trap

Okay, I will own it! I had a meaningless or do nothing job in federal prison. But I did the job. Always do you job in federal prison or trouble follows. In this video, I discuss a common a common federal prison trap. The trap is not so obvious, but more subtle,...

Avoid This Federal Prison Mistake

Make This Mistake and You'll Stay In Federal Prison Longer Most people in federal prison want to get released as quickly as possible. I sure did! In this video, I offer some advice on steps you can take to influence your early release from federal prison. Thank you,...

Operation Varsity Blues

"It has been two years since the Varsity Blues scandal first made headlines around the world. Fast-forward to 2021, Gina Silva takes a look back in our special series, FOX 11's True Crime Files. On Netflix, there's a newly-released docuseries that highlights how rich...

Federal Sentencing Judge Gives Interview

RARE Federal Judge Interview - Prepare for Sentencing NOW! Our team is proud to share this interview with Federal Judge, Mark Bennett. My business partner, Michael Santos, conducted this interview a couple of years ago. The lessons Judge Bennett shares are as relevant...

Life in the Halfway House

In this video, I cover life in the halfway house. I also offer some strategies and advice to ensure your time in the halfway house is productive. Best, Justin Paperny P.S. Click here to enroll in our five day prison preparation course.

Federal Public Defenders

Federal Public Defenders

The Truth About Federal Public Defenders Last week I received a call from a stunned and sad white collar defendant who was abruptly fired by his defense attorney at his guilty plea. "Wow, I am really in trouble now, right? They are appointing me a federal public...

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Justin Paperny, author of Lessons From Prison and Ethics is Motion, is the foremost expert on prison consulting and white-collar crime. Since his release from prison in 2009 he has helped hundreds of defendants and their families thrive through the criminal justice system. Additionally, Justin has been a keynote speaker to academic and business audiences across the nation. His clients include The FBI Academy, New York University, and KPMG.


Upon retaining Justin Paperny as my prison consultant I immediately knew I had made the right choice. He prepared me for the road ahead and put together a plan for me to succeed after my release. With his help I have been able to change prison into a positive experience in my life. Not only does he work with you one on one but he will work with your loved ones as well. The comfort he was able to offer my mother was truly a blessing. Times like these can be very hard although with the help of Justin Paperny you too can make prison a productive, positive experience in your life.
Warren Schultz

You are fortunate that you found these videos! Go to Justin’s Website EtikaLLC.com and make that call to Justin Paperny Today…. The earlier you can speak with him the better to help yourself or a family member through these very trying times. His wisdom from being through the process will teach you how to help yourself. Thanks Justin! Good Luck to you the reader. Take Action you can change the outcome. Make that call Now!
Fred Catalano

I’m very fortunate to have met Justin Paperny who is helping me through this transition in my life. The old saying that you don’t know what you don’t know could not be any more profound than preparing to surrender to federal prison.
David Foley

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