"It has been two years since the Varsity Blues scandal first made headlines around the world. Fast-forward to 2021, Gina Silva takes a look back in our special series, FOX 11's True Crime Files.

On Netflix, there's a newly-released docuseries that highlights how rich and famous parents got busted in the college admissions scandal. The series, Operation Varsity Blues, has skyrocketed to the streaming giant's top-10 list.

Not a surprise for the co-founder of White Collar Advice, Justin Paperny.

"We love to see them rise and we take some pleasure in their fall," Paperny explained. "I certainly don't."

Paperny is featured in the film because several of those indicted in Operation Varsity Blues turned to him for help.

"My involvement in the case began when one of the initial defendants in the case retained White Collar Advice to guide them," he said.

Now, Paperny represents 10 families and coaches caught in the scandal. White Collar Advice is a company that helps people prepare for sentencing and prison.

"When these parents came to you, what did they say?" Silva asked.

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