Avoid this federal prison trap

Okay, I will own it! I had a meaningless or do nothing job in federal prison. But I did the job. Always do you job in federal prison or trouble follows. In this video, I discuss a common a common federal prison trap. The trap is not so obvious, but more subtle,...

Avoid This Federal Prison Mistake

Make This Mistake and You'll Stay In Federal Prison Longer Most people in federal prison want to get released as quickly as possible. I sure did! In this video, I offer some advice on steps you can take to influence your early release from federal prison. Thank you,...

Operation Varsity Blues

"It has been two years since the Varsity Blues scandal first made headlines around the world. Fast-forward to 2021, Gina Silva takes a look back in our special series, FOX 11's True Crime Files. On Netflix, there's a newly-released docuseries that highlights how rich...

Federal Sentencing Judge Gives Interview

RARE Federal Judge Interview - Prepare for Sentencing NOW! Our team is proud to share this interview with Federal Judge, Mark Bennett. My business partner, Michael Santos, conducted this interview a couple of years ago. The lessons Judge Bennett shares are as relevant...

Life in the Halfway House

In this video, I cover life in the halfway house. I also offer some strategies and advice to ensure your time in the halfway house is productive. Best, Justin Paperny P.S. Click here to enroll in our five day prison preparation...

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