RARE Federal Judge Interview - Prepare for Sentencing NOW!

Our team is proud to share this interview with Federal Judge, Mark Bennett. My business partner, Michael Santos, conducted this interview a couple of years ago. The lessons Judge Bennett shares are as relevant as ever.

In this free flowing, organic conservation Judge Bennett provides invaluable insights about what he has learned over the course of his 23-year career on the bench.

In this interview, Michael asks Judge Bennett the following questions (if you wish to jump to a specific question, I will put the time next to the question):

1: What have you learned from sentencing more than 4,000 people (3:30​)
2: What influence would the offender’s version of events have on Judge Bennett at sentencing? (5:30​)
3: What has Judge Bennett learned from other federal sentencing judges? (8:20​)
4: What has a greater influence—the defense attorney or defendant expressing remorse? (12:03​)
5: Should the individual begin crafting their interview before the pre-sentence interview (PSR)? (14:02​)
6: Do psychological reports have an influence at sentencing? (18:40​)
7: How important are character reference letters? (22:22​)
8: If a defendant owes restitution, should they start making payments before sentencing? (25:23​)
9: Is bringing family members to sentencing a good idea? (27:15​)
10: What has Judge Bennett learned from visiting people he sentenced in prison? (30:28​)
11: Can a positive adjustment in prison influence Judge Bennett at a re sentencing? (32:33​)

Early in this video, I reference our book, Prepare. I am posting each chapter of Prepare on our Prepare page, you can access here.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny

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