These last few days the guards have been shaking our cell down, over and over again. They’re looking for something specific. Of course I can’t go into any details about what’s going on, but I feel compelled to speak up about my concerns and the always present possibility of getting into trouble for what could get found. Of course I have nothing to do with what’s going on right now, they’re after my celly. I must admit that it does bring a sense of satisfaction knowing that I no longer have this kind of unwanted stress in my life. Having said that, I still have to worry about another grown man residing in my cell and the poor decisions that he continues to make. All it takes is one time for some idiot to place an item in a particular place in this two man cell that could be depicted as an area that represents both him and me. When contraband and/or illegal items are found in a cell and neither man takes responsibility for said item, then both men go to the hole, punished for said item, or even worse, face new criminal charges. These are all common occurrences within the penal system and every inmate should always be aware and on guard of such things. I believe that simply typing an email like this is my first step to self-preservation. Apparently there’s an informant updating the staff as to some things that even I was not aware of. Fortunately they’re after my celly and not me, but just like that crazy false dirty urine screen they tried to stick on me, there’s always a chance… Out of the four shakedowns in the last four days, the guards only messed with my property in this cell once. But even that worries me. What if someone decides to start placing things in my property? This scares me to death. That’s why I’m praying and counting the days until I hear someone tell me to pack my belongings and head on over to the honor unit, where worries like the ones that I’m having are almost unheard of.


Steven Dybvad

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