The more that I try to take control, preparing for my financial future, reading and studying business, money financial magazines, the easier it is to get discouraged. As I read and learn more about stocks, bonds, savings, earnings and the time it takes to stabilize a secure future, I realize just how much of my adult life I wasted away, in a drug induced state of discombobulation. So many years have gone by that I should have spent earning money, saving and investing said money. Instead, all I have is a pile of debt, unpaid hospital bills and child support. Before you start to think this must be some kind of “woe is me” blog entry, so let me get to the point. After 35 years of avoiding responsibility for anything in my life, I’m finally accepting my situation and trying to do everything I possibly can to take control, change the outcome of my future. I just know that I’m going to have to work ten times harder in an attempt to create a better future, one where I won’t have to work until my dying days just to survive. What I do have is hope, faith, and aspirations for self-made financial success through an entrepreneurial dream. I just know that it’s not going to be easy; I’ll be facing many road blocks and difficulties as a result of my criminal past. So I just have to be realistic, prepare for such roadblocks and add them into my business plan as any smart business man/woman would prepare for setbacks. Reading and studying these essential aspects of life and finance has opened my eyes, I’m no longer ignorant to the realities of my past creating problems for my future. If you ask me, this seems like one of many necessary first steps to becoming a responsible, law abiding, and contributing member of society.


Steven Dybvad

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