____Today, as I read one of my usual, everyday spiritual readings, I came across a quote taken from the book Yoga Sutras, it read ‘Self-discipline burns away impurities and kindles the sparks of divinity’. This quote really stuck with me because that’s exactly how I feel each day I continue my path to success. As I work out hard, running miles, or study horticulture, practicing guitar, yoga, writing, etc., etc., I find peace in myself, I become more calm, rested and spiritually sound, my day just gets better with every task I complete and every goal I achieve and I believe that’s what’s being said here, at least that’s my interpretation. I have a great hunger for self-improvement because I want to create a better, more stable life for myself and my children. Living with good health in mind, body and spirit is the path for me, the path to divinity. With each day that passes I become more comfortable in my own body, I’m finally beginning to forgive myself for the wreckage of my past choices, enabling me to move forward, to grow as a human being and become a better man. One day, when people talk about me, they will say that I am a good man with a big heart and a kind soul, opposed to what has been said of me in the past, things like ‘he is a drug addict, a thief and a dead beat dad, he can’t be trusted’. No, never again will I make choices in life that causes such animosity in others, or for that matter in myself.


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