October 20, 2014

Knowing that I haven’t used a substance in years means one of only two, or three things: 1. either the prison got my urine specimen mixed up with another inmate’s specimen, which I don’t think is likely to happen because I physically placed my own sticker with my name over top of the lid to the cup before the gaurd sealed it in a bag, but none the less things can still happen.2. One of the prison staff members has intentionally switched my specimen with a contaminated one, or more easily just marked me as positive for drugs in the computer system which is also probably not likely, yet still possible. One of the unit managers has unfortunately had it out for me for quite some time now, treating me a little more harshly than others, being rude and ignoring me every chance he gets, I even saw him watch me and my friend who I won’t mention for his own safety walking up towards the unit and instead of having to walk passed the two of us and talk to either of us, he decided to turn around and go back into his office, wait behind his door until we passed his path before walking out again. We both watched him do this when he probably thought we couldn’t see him, very childish if you ask me. This is not the act of a mature or professional nature, which makes me believe that going as far as doctoring my test results is not beyond him. The reason that my unit manager has acted this way toward me is because he knows of my blog and he thinks it’s a threat to him and his job. When he first learned about my blog many months ago he called me down to his office to question me because I had mentioned his name in one of my blogs, hence the reason why I don’t print names and only their job positions instead. When I was in this man’s office he was very rude and threatening toward me, he said he knew about my blog and he wanted me to quit writing it, but his boss told him I wasn’t breaking any rules so he couldn’t stop me. He did say that he read one of my entries where I mentioned his name and that if I knew what was best I would never mention his name or anyone else’s ever again. Ever since then I quit writing staff members names in my blog, but I never stopped writing about my daily life, occurrences and injustices within the system and for that reason this man has continued to be rude and unprofessional with me to this day. So is it possible that he or someone else could have done this in an attempt to shut me up, hopefully not likely, but of course it’s possible. As I said before, the penal system has their own set of rules, with no one to hold them accountable for their own actions. I only hope this isn’t the case with me, right now everything is only a speculation, but the third and final reason, which I think is indeed the most likely is the medication that I have to take every day has caused a false positive for T.H.C. and I have evidential proof to back it up. Unfortunately the prison system doesn’t care about what I think or say, only what the results of my test say. I currently reside in a unit that’s designated specifically for all the urine screens that tested positive for drugs, more than 100 inmates are in this unit and there’s more than that out in the compound waiting for an open cell to come in here and join us to serve their own sanctions for drug screening. Out of all the inmates in here, another man who says he hasn’t smoked marijuana in over thirteen years and still tested positive just happened to be placed in the cell next door to mine. I don’t know this man, but the way in which he was talking, coupled with the fact that I’m in the same boat as him and that he has no personal gain from lying to another inmate makes me believe him. Every day we have a brief conversation, either on the way to chow or during our one hour in the dayroom, asking how the other is doing, giving each other encouragement to hang in there and keep fighting. Curious of our circumstances I had to ask him if he was taking any medication and it just so happens that not only is he taking medication, he’s taking the exact same two pills that I take every day. Now what are the odds of that!?!… I have no doubt that higher powers have placed this man in the cell next door to mine, helping me understand what’s going on in my life right now and why. This hasn’t made it any easier to fight the system, but it does give me some peace of mind. About five or so years ago when I was in a halfway house before coming to prison I was given a urine screen, testing positive for marijuana. I had been at least two months sober at that time, knowing I had no marijuana in my system I demanded a second test. The owner and director that gave me the test agreed to give me a second test, so he went off to his office and came back with another cup. Again I tested positive for marijuana. I thought to myself that the halfway house director contaminated the cup before giving it to me in order to have me kicked out, but I just couldn’t understand why. All these years I thought that the halfway house director had me intentionally kicked out, but now I have a different opinion.



Steven Dybvad

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