PRISON INFO./ADVICE;- Here at Madison Correctional, once a year they hold what’s called Family Day. This is a day that members of our family get to come spend the entire day, hanging out on the actual compound of this prison, where us inmates live and function, walking the track together, playing games on the yard like corn hole, horseshoes, Grilling burgers and hot dogs, there’s clowns and a dunk tank and many other activities that all looked very enjoyable. Well family day was today. My family didn’t make it here this year for a few different reasons, but after seeing how nice it was for all the families I regret not having mine here with me and I certainly hope that they can make it here for this event next year. The inmates that didn’t have family members here were all kept separate, the yard was off limits to us, but we were all allowed to hang out on the basketball courts that are just outside of our units, enabling us to see the activities being held on the yard for the families. Many inmates were all staring, trying to get a better look at people, which was one of my concerns about my family coming, I didn’t want too many sick individuals gawking at my loved ones, but fortunately for the families that came, the basketball courts are just too far away from the rest of the yard to see any one person well enough to make them uncomfortable, at least it looked that way to me.


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