— PRISON INFO/ADVICE  More than a year ago the state of Ohio entered into a contract with the food service company, Aramark, to provide each prison with meals to feed the inmates. In that time we have had many problems, over and over again we go unheard, until one little news coverage about maggots being found the food turns into nationwide coverage overnight. At first they were giving us small portions of food, leaving us all hungry after each meal. Then they were either undercooking the food, giving us raw or frozen items, or overcooking the food, giving us burnt items too hard to eat without possibly breaking a tooth. This was bad, but tolerable in comparison to the other problems. Often they would feed us food that had already gone bad, like oranges, sour coleslaw, fermented in the worst of ways, and so on. But what really took the trophy was when the inmates started finding labels on the boxes of food being shipped in that said ‘NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION’. This of course was all very disturbing to us and yet we had no choice but to consume the only food that was provided to us. That’s when a female inmate that worked in the kitchen at another prison decided to take a couple of the labels from the boxes, sneak them out of prison after her release and post them on the internet for all to see. After that, we’re not sure if the food changed, but what we do know is that the boxes being shipped in just stopped having labels on them all together. Now they found maggots in some of the food in other prisons and because of all the news coverage they’re finally going to start inspections in all the prions. But what good can this possibly do?… Now every prison in the state of Ohio knows that they’re about to be inspected, giving them ample time to clean up and prepare. If you ask me, this makes no sense what so ever. Inspections should be done without any warning, surprising a company as low down and dirty as Aramark and catching them off guard. Now the kitchen staff is working the inmates harder to prepare for these so called inspections. We may be convicted felons, but we’re still human beings, we deserve to be treated like human beings, not a bunch of pigs being rallied into the food troth for our daily feed….


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