July 9, 2015

I’ve had so much going on this past week that I forgot to mention the great news. I past all four of the major tests in horticulture, earning the coveted Master Certification. I am a proud, Master Certified Horticulturalist. Not only did I pass all four tests, but my instructor also informed me that I received the highest scores in not one but two prisons. It just goes to show how hard work and dedication can pay off. I studied and studied for the last twelve months of my sentence, paying attention to every word ever spoken by my instructor, writing it down and going back over it on a regular basis. Here’s my scores; Landscape 85%, Core 95%, Garden Center 86%, Grower 87%. My instructor told me that he commonly sees passing scores in/or around 72% and he rarely ever sees test scores in the 90’s. I continue to see benefits and positive results from the goal oriented life style I’ve been living in prison these last few years, and for that reason I know I’ll never quit living this way, or for that matter choose to go back to the destructive life style I was living once before. I finally love myself, I love my family, and I look forward to the future in store for us all……


Steven Dybvad

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