I just found out some great news! The parole board accepted my application for early release to a transitional controlled halfway house. Now the application is sent directly from the parole board to my judge. The judge has the final say in the decision to release me early. Of course it’s always been my judge that I’m most worried about, but at the end of the day, I know I did my best to maneuver through the prison system as best as possible, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn, grow and change into a better man, a law abiding, contributing member of society and father to my children. I hope the judge approves this application for early release, so that I may be able to get a jump start on my new life, an early start on a career, a rare chance to be able to save all of my money from a halfway house. Most importantly this is a rare opportunity to gradually transition from a long five year sentence and into a functional life in society. If this doesn’t happen for me, well I’m prepared for that as well. I deserve to serve every day of my five year sentence for the crime I committed. If the judge chooses to deny my application, then I will have no anger towards her. In fact I will be sure to send her a thank you letter after my release, thanking her for handing me the prison sentence that saved my life, igniting the changes necessary for a healthy and successful future.


Steven Dybvad

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