June 29, 2015

I just had one of the best runs of my life this morning! It wasn’t a record run in distance, only 6&3/4 miles. But it was certainly the most comfortable, relaxing run I’ve ever had and it was all because of the rain. It was a constant, slow downpoor all morning, and for that reason there wasn’t a soul on the track but me. With nothing but shoes and shorts on, I ran around the track, not having to worry about dodging other inmates on the track, or go around them in the grass. The rain drops cooled me off as I ran, it felt amazing. What really felt amazing was that it almost felt for a minute as if I wasn’t even in prison. With no other person in sight, not even the gaurds because they didnt want to get wet either. My mind went to a peaceful place, I was able to think so clearly. It was like a state of zen. This must be what it’s like to run on the open roads in the real world, just me and the road and new fresh scenery. Unless my legs give out in the future, I don’t think I’ll ever stop running….


Steven Dybvad

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