My second Easter in prison. Holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays are always difficult for me. I have plenty of time to reflect back on past gatherings with my family and my friends. These were special moments that I failed to fully appreciate at the time.

Holidays seem to create lifelong memories. I recall my boys in their navy blazers and ties tugging at their collars while squirming in church. Then off to Grandmother’s house or Aunt Gail’s’ for Easter dinner.

When my father was still alive (He was in his late 80’s), He created one of those silly moments you never forget. My dad had a difficult time accepting responsibility for errors or mistakes. (I may have inherited that trait?). At Easter dinner, He took a large scoop of cranberries and dropped it on my sister’s white linen table cloth next to his plate. He then managed to get the next scoop on his plate and ignored the scoop on the table. He then asked “Who spilled the cranberries?” When I suggested that He did, He was clearly offended and suggested it was Me. I knew better than to go down that road and simply smiled and said I was sorry.

For the past 15 or so years, the cranberry story has resurfaced on Easter each year. I hope my wife and my son are relating the story to the friends they are enjoying Easter with today. In fact, I think I will share it with my cellie when I get back to my cube.

Happy Easter! Enjoy your family and friends.


Ken Flaska

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