January 01, 2015

Happy New Year everybody! Another year has passed, another chance to renew resolutions or create new ones and follow through with them. I myself don’t have just one resolution, I have many, they are a list of several attainable goals that will strengthen my future and success. I’m desperately trying to adjust to this new unit that I’m in, but I’m finding it a great deal more difficult than I thought it was going to be. This unit is very rowdy, with many inmates that are up to no good. I have only been here a day and a half and I’ve already seen a total of four fights in that short amount of time. It almost feels like I’m back at Lebanon all over again. I don’t mix with these individuals, I don’t know these guys, so I have to be extra careful, gaurding my property, locking my cell everytime I leave, giving no man an opportunity to try to steal from or take advantage of me. I hate having to be prepared to fight for protection if I have to, it’s very stressful to be like this for me because violence is not in my nature, I wasn’t raised in an abusive family, I was never exposed to such things, but this is the life I chose to place myself in until my release, so I just have to deal with it, hope for the best and have faith that God will take care of me like he always has.

Steven Dybvad


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