These last couple of weeks I’ve been studying very hard for the four separate horticulture tests I’ve been waiting all year to take. There’s so much information to study and retain. Our instructor barely scratched the surface with all the necessary information we needed to know, the rest was left up to us, to read books and study on our own time, in our cells. Well that’s just what I’ve been doing. This past week I’ve taken two of the three tests. The other two tests are this week, one tomorrow and the other one is two days after that. These first two tests were difficult, and I’m told that the last two are even more difficult. I’m confident that I passed the last two tests and I’m confident that I’ll past the next two as well, earning myself a master’s certification in horticulture, considering myself a bonified horticulturalist. Of course it’s not a college degree, but I studied very hard this past year, I’ve learned a lot of valuable information and I’m proud of myself for stepping up to the plate. I won’t find out if I passed these four tests for a couple of weeks after we finish. The tests have to be mailed out to the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association for official grading, then the scores will mailed back to us here at the prison. Aside from my morning fitness routine, I’ve dedicated nearly all my time to studying. At this point I feel pretty burnt out on all things horticulture. I’ll just be glad when this is all over and I can stop worrying so much about passing. I’ve placed a lot of pressure on myself lately, because I so desperately want to pass and I want my loved ones to see how hard I’ve worked to accomplish this as well.


Steven Dybvad

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