In class, our teacher gave us two of the four pretests this week. Happily I can say that I passed the tests, with one of the top scores in the class. There was an average of about 150 questions on each test. The lowest possible grade for passing the test was a 72%. I passed the first test with an 82%, and the second test with an 83%, both of which were the top scores of the class. Unfortunately, I believe that only a total of three men passed the test, moving on for the chance to pass the real test. Without a passing score on the pretest, the prison won’t pay the cost for an inmate to take the real test. Of course when each of us goes home to society, any person can take the real test for a $25 fee. So even if I don’t pass the test, I’ll always have the chance to take the test again and again until I do pass. Although I have enough studying, practice and confidence to believe in myself and the likeliness of passing. I’m just ready to take the tests and get them over with so that I can move on and refocus my time towards further preparations for my future after release from prison.


Steven Dybvad

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