July 6, 2014

The first day of horticulture class in prison started today, but for some reason I wasn’t invited. Kurt and I both took a walk down to the area where classes are held. The classes all have many open view glass windows for security purposes, so when we walked by I could see that the horticulture teacher was having a class in session. My heart immediately dropped because I know the last class already graduated and he only holds one class at a time each year. I had to know what was going on so I walked straight in the classroom to ask the teacher what was going on. Being extremely persistent all year about making the cut for the next year the teacher knew exactly who I was and why I was there, so before I could even say anything he said that he wasn’t sure why I wasn’t on his list to be called to class because by all means I should have been. He directed me to another school director to find out what was going on. I asked the director why I wasn’t in class; she looked up my information on the computer, saw that I was supposed to be in class, apologized realizing that she must have looked over my name through processing. After that she had to walk with me back to the horticulture class to verify with the teacher to make sure it was okay for me to be added to his class and he said of course, he also joked about making sure I get in the class or because I had been harassing him all year. We all laughed and then they told me I could start coming to class tomorrow. So a stressful event turned out to be a relief and finally I get to start learning about plants, something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. I’m very excited!

Steven Dybvad

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