January 06, 2015

I can’t believe it, I have achieved the impossible, I faught the system that tried to defeat me and I won! After talking with two seargents and a caseworker over the past few days, discovered that I was found not guity for the rule #39 infraction, testing positive for controlled substances. Tooth and nail I faught this prison, proclaiming my innocense, pointing out all the policies and procedures that the prison didn’t follow along the way in order to lock me away for an injustice and permanently damage my once untarnished record, temporarily shifting the delicate balance of trust that I’ve worked so hard to strengthen with my family and loved ones. I’ve been relentless with every staff member in this prison that I’ve had contact with, I sent letters to higher athorities and committees, searching for help from anyone willing to consider that I might in fact be one of those inmates that just so happens to be telling the truth. After hearing from some staff members that I was wasting my time trying to fight an unbeatable system, other staff members, even seargents telling me this problem was above their pay grade, I continued and persisted. Finally yesterday, as I sit in the unit caseworker’s office, telling him that I’m never going to quit until this is resolved properly, he decides to look up my case information on the computer, only to see that I was found not guilty and cleared of the charge. The caseworker told me that the main headquarters in Columbus made the decision without stating any reason as to why. I would really like to know just what exactly it was that fascilitated this decision, but at the end of the day I’m just so happy and relieved that my once untarnished prison record is in tact once again. Other inmates tell me that everything I had prior to this mess should be restored by the prison, I should be returned to my old cell in my old unit, I should get back my old weightroom schedule instead of having to be on the waiting list and anything else that was taken from me as a result of this cell issolation punishment should be restored and go back to the way that it once was before. All I want to do right now is get the heck out of this crazy block. Just this morning I turned in a kite request to be transfered to the honor dorm. All inmates must be free of tickets or any other trouble for atleast six months before having the privilege of going to the honor dorm. Fortunately for me, my prison record is clean, nothing can hold me back from moving out of here and going to the honor unit. I’ll just have to wait a couple of weeks to move up on the waiting list, then I’m out of here! God is certainly watching over me.

Steven Dybvad

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