March 9, 2015

As I mentioned in a few of my latest blog entries, I’ve been having some serious problems with my current celly. Well fortunately for me, I won’t have to deal with him for much longer. As a result of the one and only black mark on my once untarnished record being removed, I qualify for the honor unit which I signed up for immediately after finding out that I have an untarnished record once again. In just a couple of short weeks, I’ll be moving over to the honor unit, where the majority of the inmates that stay out of trouble reside. In order to move to Banneker, (the honor dorm) or even remain in Banneker, an inmate is required to remain free of any behavior conduct tickets for at least one year. There is always a waiting list to go to this unit, unfortunately I wasn’t placed on the waiting list the first time I signed up for Banneker because I was still having problems with my record, so now I’m at the end of the list, but fortunately for me, most men have only been having to wait about two weeks to get over there, so hopefully I’ll be there soon enough. This of course isn’t the biggest reason for me fighting to have a clean record. First of all, I haven’t used any substances to deserve a substance abuse charge on my record, which is why it was removed. This gives me sound peace of mind; it also shows my family, friends and readers just how honest I am about what I do each day in prison to prepare for a better future outside of prison. But right now, what’s really important is having a clean record to show my judge when it’s time for me to apply for a six month early release to a halfway house. The judge will assess my prison record, look for any actions I’ve taken toward progress and preparation for release, and now that I have a clean record once again, my chances for an early release are much greater, just as they should be, I certainly earned it. An early release to a halfway house almost seems like a necessary part of my reintegration into society, enabling me to adjust with ease, find employment, save money before I’m sent out on my own, once again, to start a new and successful life that’s rich with love and family and healthy friendships. I yearn to be a positive, law abiding, contributing member of society, but most of all, I want to be a better father, a man that my son and daughter can look up to, count on when they need me, confide in me and even emulate, seeing how far I’ve come in life, conquering a powerful addiction to substances, taking back control of my life and achieving greatness.

Steven Dybvad

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