Yes! I’m so happy and proud of myself. I just got 100% score on my test today! All my hard work and dedication to a better life and successful future continues to pay off. I’ve come a long way from being a strung out junkie, on the streets, unable to hold a job, robbing from people to support my addiction, not a care in the world for what’s in store for tomorrow, only worried about my next fix, in the moment, digging my own grave. Now I want to live, I care about myself, my family and what’s in store for tomorrow. I’m in control of what’s in store for tomorrow and the future looks bright!

After my testing was over, a guard came to my class and told me to report to the Captain’s office. This made me very nervous because the first thought that came to my mind was all the harassment that Kurt had to go through not too long ago, so all I could think was that now it was my turn to get harassed for some trivial situation that I took no part in. Then I remembered that Kurt’s lawyer was coming to visit him today to discuss some of the recent crap that’s been going on in here, among other things of course that I have no knowledge of and I was sure they were about to question me about it and try to squeeze information from me. I walked across the campus, preparing for anything feeling great about getting every question right on my test and prepared to go to the hole at the same time. So I stepped in the Captain’s office, gave the man at the desk my name and number, only to find that I was called in there to pick up my incentive for passing another class a few weeks ago. Each time an inmate passes a class set up by the prison, we are awarded an incentive which comes in the form of hygiene products from the local Walmart. Dodging that bullet, I quickly ran my hygiene kit back to my cell so that I get back to back to class because I can’t afford to miss out on a single thing. What a day!

Steven Dybvad

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