December 09, 2014

Every day I think about my future after release, not in a way that is daydreaming or obsessing, but in a healthy way, a way that’s productive in preparations for my future success. I have so many ideas and aspirations about my options for securing financial stability, those ideas grow larger and stronger with passing time. I constantly find myself writing things down so that I don’t forget. I’ve never cared about my financial future in the past, always living in the moment, only concerned with getting my next high. Now I care so much about my future that it scares me, it scares me so much that I worry and worry about just how I’m going to secure a stabile future for myself and my children. But for once I welcome this new worry for I feel it’s a healthy fear, a fear that drives me to take control of my life and actually do something about it. I get several monthly subscriptions to financial magazines, these magazines become more interesting the more that I read them, the more that I read these magazines the more that I start to understand the language of these professional business terms and lingo. My favorite of all these magazines is ‘Money’ magazine, I get so much out of it that I find myself re-reading it over and over until I fully grasp and understand what they’re getting across. And the more I read these magazines the more I realize I will surely struggle for success. Being 36 years of age, having to start my life from scratch, with a trail of debt and not a penny to my name, I’m way behind the curve. When I get out of prison I’m going to have to get a job working for someone else, but I’ll have to save every single spare penny in preparation for a big risk, that risk is going into business for me. In order to secure financial success at my age with my criminal past I’m going to have to take a risk. This is a risk I’m willing to take because I so desperately want to have my own business, it’s a dream that I believe I can attain through hard work and saving. Not only is this a dream, but I also feel that it’s a necessary risk to get ahead in life. Everything I read or hear is about the importance of investing money, stocks, and bonds at an early age. Well that time has passed for me. I haven’t got a penny to invest and I’m not young anymore either. I have so much to say about this subject, but it’s just not coming out the way I want. I just wish I knew back then what I know now, I wish I was smart enough to listen to my parents, I wish many things, but I can’t change my past, I can only prepare for my future. Once I secure enough money to start saving, I’ll be taking more risks, by utilizing some of this knowledge for savings bonds, the stock market, the value of money in other countries as economies continue to fluctuate and so many other things that I’m trying to learn to do with my money in order to make more money opposed to spending it on frivolous, materialistic things that many people value and struggle to stay afloat because of it.

Steven Dybvad

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