December, 30 2014

Today is my last full day in this cell and on cell issolation. I just pray that this day goes by smoothly, without problems, enabling me to transition with ease from this unit to the next, where ever that may be. Now, like any other time, I have a whole new set of concerns with where I’ m moving to and who I’ll be celling with. The possibility of me celling with another inmate that I wont get along with are ofcourse much greater than the possibility of me celling with someone like my good friend, Kurt. After all this is prison, many men in here weren’t raised in the best of conditions, with responsible, caring families like I was fortunate enough to be. Many of these men just don’t know any other way of life, I do, which is what makes prison extra difficult for me to cope with. 22 other inmates are being released from cell issolation with me tomorow, we’re the first wave of inmates that were placed on cell issolation for positive drug screens. Due to the large number of men being released at the same time, there’s rumor going around that there isn’t enough open cells in the compound for us, so they might end up keeping us in this cell issolation unit and just give us back our normal inmate privileges. This would really stink for us because these cells are terrible, they have no desks or drawers to hold our clothing and property, there’s no tv reception or movie channel connected to the unit. Other units also have ping pong tables and pool tables, but not this unit, ofcourse that doesn’t bother me because I don’t mess around with pool or ping pong in prison, too many fights and arguements ensue from them. The worst part of having to stay in this unit would be the constant annoyance from all the inmates still locked in their cells on issolation punishment. These inmates would be constantly banging on the doors, grabbing our attention and asking us to do them favors, such as getting a note to another inmate somewhere in the compound, or relay some kind of message, or worse, being asked to transport contraband items such as tabacco, or drugs. Ofcourse I would never do this, I would most certainly refuse without hesitation, but simply having to be in the middle of such pestering is a headache that I just don’t need. Some inmates can get mad and hold grudges when another inmate wont do such an accepted thing in prison, this is much of why I serve my sentence in solitude, minimizing my exposure to all things detramental to my health and the success of my future. So for now I just pray that my transition is made as easy as possible, but of course I must always be prepared.

Steven Dybvad

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