I am a successful Ivy-league educated lawyer and, now, as a result of some stupid decisions, a white-collar criminal.  Because of my background in law, I came into the process thinking that I knew the ropes and didn’t need the advice of a prison consultant.  On a whim, however, after coming across the White Collar 101 series on Youtube, I contacted Justin and was incredibly impressed by his useful advice.  In one brief phone call, he raised many important issues that my lawyer had never mentioned and I had never considered, issues that could greatly impact on the length of my prison term, which camp I am placed in, and the quality of my stay as an honored guest of the federal government.  With that, I was convinced of the added value Justin brings to the table and hired him as my prison consultant.  Justin’s commitment and focus is unmatched.  He has guided me through the entire process with his insider knowledge and experience.  Not least, he has managed to keep my spirits up and my hope alive during this difficult time.  With his support, I have developed a plan to approach prison proactively: to document my experience, to keep in touch with contacts and loved ones, and to prepare for my eventual release.  In short, thanks to Justin, I enter prison with hope for the future and a solid plan to make that hope a reality.  I would encourage anyone who finds himself in a position similar to mine to reach out and contact Justin.  You will not be disappointed.

Leigh Sprague

Columbia University School of Law, Class of 99

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