August 12, 2015

Over the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve had a number of medical issues that need to be addressed and attended to. Some issues are serious, some are minor. Here in prison, as I’ve said several times in the past, many medical problems are never delt with until the inmate is either dying, or the problem is undeniably severe. Many medical issues are deemed unnecessary by doctors and staff due to funding or other unspoken reasons. For the longest time, I’ve needed my teeth fixed as a result of my substance abuse and neglect over the years, but the only thing the dentists here in prison will do is extract any troublesome teeth and their methods of extraction are questionble. So I’ve just been very gentle with my teeth, brushing and cleaning them regulary, hoping that they hold up long enough to get me out of prison and into a real dental office where I can get the proper care. As for other medical problems, I’ve had several lower back pains and injuries over the years, leading me to believe I have a serious problem such as a slipped or herniated disc that keeps rupturing. Unfortunately the only thing the prison will do is take X-rays, which detect broken bones, but ofcourse will not pick up signs of ruptured discs. The doctor on this side of the prison however has been much more helpful than the doctor on the other side. He told me that from the information I gave him, I likely have a bad disc in my back. The doctor told me he’s had disc problems in the past, had surgery and now feels 100% better. He told me to get it checked out and taken care of as soon as I’m released from prison. As for any other problems I may have had in the past few years, they maybe minor, but even some minor problems such as a bad toenail from running can’t be taken care of in prison. Need less to say, I have a list of things to bring to my outside doctor’s attention once I’m released. I just hope he doesn’t think I’m some sort of…#live healthy


Steven Dybvad

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